Writing Samples

*New Men* Introduction

Soldiers-and-Veterans-in-the-Public-Imagination (Work in Progress)


Doctor Women Enemy_NeMLA 2018 Talk (PowerPoint Slides)

Doctor Woman Enemy Recovering the Life of Dang Thuy Tram in *Last Night I Dreamed of Peace (NeMLA Talk 2018)

Redefining Courage in the Age of Drone Warfare (NEMLA 2017)

Digital Humanities and the Concept of the Required Text (NEMLA 2016)


First Year Writing, Contingent Faculty, and the Problem of Student Retention (MLA 2015 Presentation)

MLA 2015 Presentation Notes


Depicting Gettysburg in Evelyn Scott’s *TheWave* (NEMLA Talk 2014)


Relics of War– The Image of the Wounded Veteran in Post Civil War America

Relics of War Slides


Narrating Trauma in the Writings of Sam Watkins and Ambrose Bierce (NEMLA Talk 2013)

Narrating Trauma Slides

  1. “I Returned To My Tree In The Rain” | John A Casey Jr

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